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About us

ZEOPOL LTD was incorporated in 2002 to provide innovative products of natural zeolites and alternative polymeric raw materiál to the international market. Our experiences span through the use of zeolites as industrial adsorbents, animal feed additives and fillers for plastics and paper industries. We also supply virgin polymeric resins and recycled plastics expecially PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PC,PUR and a host of others.We conduct extensive cooperative research, strategic partnership and field trials in order to develop a growing innovative product lines of ZEOPOL.

From a small business ZEOPOL LTD has been growing economically and technologically since 2002. The management has carried out the first restructuring of the company into 6 functional strategic business units.

Currently ZEOPOL has the following SBUs:
  1. Zeolites and Microporous materials
  2. Polymer and Polymeric raw Materials
  3. Plastics Recycling Resources
  4. Petroleum Services and Manpower
  5. Project and Technical Consultancy
  6. Strategic Business Development


To be a reliable company in the supply of zeolites, primary and recycled plastics raw materials, consultancy services and manpower to the Oil&Gas, Petroleum Refining, polymer processing, textile, agricultural and other related chemical industries.


To supply our customers worldwide with quality zeolites and polymeric raw materials and manpower to the Petroleum industry at competitive prices all the time. To share and promote scientific and technological expertise in ZEOLITE AND POLYMER applications in all spheres of economy and to contribute meaningfully to sustainable industrial development worldwide.


To energise and harness the full potential of our staff and management in order to satisfy the needs of our customers by motivation.


ZEOlites and POLymers are a multi-billion dollar business and they form the backbone of the business of ZEOPOL LTD.


  • Natural and synthetic zeolites for any application
  • Polymeric resins and raw materials,
  • Recycled plastics flakes as alternative raw material for technical and textile application
  • Sourcing qualified and experienced manpower from Czech republic and Slovakia for the international Oil and Gas industry
  • Research and technical development in the field of polymers and zeolites
  • Management and Technical consultancy services - in the field of zeolite application and recycling solutions, then:

ZEOPOL is an excellent source you can always count on. We are striving to satisfy all our customers worldwide in providing the best products and services.