10.06.2014 01:01

Discount sales of zeolites

The discount sales is time limited and shall last only till 30.6.2014
09.06.2014 20:30


A pack of MRAZÍK FOR FREE Buy 1000 CZK worth of zeolite and receive a pack of MRAZÍK for free.
09.06.2014 13:09

Primary resins

Primary resins 
LDPE and LLDPE resin with light blue colour suitable for cast or blown film extrusion. 
09.06.2014 11:31

PET Preforms

Clear: 9t, 875 eur/t

Blue: 1t, 750 eur/t

Green: 1t, 650 eur/t

Mix (white, yellow, brown): 3t, 400 eur/t

09.06.2014 10:41

Primary resins

Primary resins
Colour: dark grey 
Quantity: 1,5 t
Price: 870 eur/t
Colour: black
Quantity: 0,8 t 
Price: 800 eur/t
09.06.2014 10:32

PET Regrinds of various colours

PET regrind of various colours:
 white, yellow, red, yellowish
Quantity: 5t 
Common Price: 350 eur/t
09.06.2014 10:00

PET Preforms white

PET preforms

Quantity: 5,0t

Price: 350 eur/t

09.06.2014 00:00

PET Primary resins

PET Primary resins

PET regranulate

Colour: white

Quantity: 3 t

Price: 450 eur/t