Agricultural aplication


ZEOPOL LTD is following up on numerous studies that have taken place in Japan, Europe and the United States that strongly suggest that the addition of certain formulations of blended Zeolite to animal feed, (Poultry, Swine, Cattle, and other animals) diets have markedly improved the animals growth and weight gain as well as increased food conversion efficiency. In addition, zeolites in the daily diet appear to reduce the incidence of scours (diarrhea), enteritis and other gastrointestinal diseases. It is used in 1-10 % of total weight of feed. Strengthening of protein synthesis in animal organisms leads to increasing of mass while decreasing fat accumulation. That allows getting meat products of the highest quality category.
The studies suggest that zeolites used in a dietary and antibiotic capacity with its properties to target ammonium will aid in the digesting and absorbing of nutrients from the feed. Its antibiotic properties stem from it alkalinity and buffering capacity in the gastrointestinal tract, and or to its ability to select certain heavy metals, such as copper, lead and cadmium.
In an attempt to reduce the toxic effects of high ammonium (NH4+) content in ruminal fluids when non-protein nitrogen compounds such as biuret and urea are added to the diets of cattle, sheep, goats, etc., natural and synthetic zeolites have been added into the rumen of test animals. Ammonium ions formed during digestion of the nitrogen compounds and were immediately exchanged into the zeolite molecular sieve structure and held there for several hours, until released by the regenerative action of saliva entering the rumen during the after-feeding fermentation period. This gradual release of the ammonium allowed the rumen microorganisms to synthesize cellular protein continuously for easy assimilation into the animals’ digestive systems.
Studies have shown that zeolite added to the feed of young calves improved their growth rate by stimulating their appetites and decreasing the incidence of scours. Five-percent zeolite was added to a normal grass and hay diet of 10 and 184 day old heifer calves over a 180 day period. The animals on the zeolite supplemented diets gained 20% more weight on average than those in the control diet. Although the test calves consumed more feed, the feeding costs per kilogram weight gained were significantly less than the control group. The test animals’ manure contained less water and fewer particles of undigested solids. The overall health of the test animals was also notably better than the control group.

Benefits of using  Aerolite as animal feed additive with SWINE:
·          Increases in food conversion factor (lower consumption of fodder).
·          Decreases in gastric, pulmonary and cardiac diseases.
·          Decrease in mortality rate.
·          Increased weight of newborn pigs.
·          Increases in net weight gain of swine by 25-29%.
Application Rate:
·          contact us for recommendation of weight of zeolite to be added to fodder.
·          Product size - powder.
·          Package size - 25Kg bag to 1 ton Super Sacks.
·         Bulk delivery  20 tons in truck or 20 Ft container
Benefits of using AgroLite as animal feed additive with CATTLE:
·          Increases in food conversion factor (lower consumption of fodder).
·          Decreases in gastrointestinal tract diseases.
·          Enhances daily weight gain.
·          Enhances effect of carbamide in cattle feed.
·          Absorbs NH4+ released by carbamide hydrolysis.
Application Rate:
·          contact us for recommendation of zeolite to fodder formulation.
·          Product size - powder.
·          Package size - 25Kg bag to 1 ton Super Sacks.
Benefits of using AgroLite animal feed additive with POULTRY:
·          Increases in food conversion factor (lowers feed consumption).
·          Decreases mortality rate.
·          Increases body mass.
·          Enhances daily weight gain.
·          Increases uptake of nutrients in feed.
·          Increases egg laying production by 3-7%.
·          Increases strength of egg shell by 60-80%.
·          Enhances growth of new born chicks.
Application Rate:
·          contact us for recommendation of zeolite/feed formulation.
·          Product size – granular (sugar) or powder.
·          Package size - 25Kg bags to 1 ton Super Sack.